Meet yourself in the Multiverse 27/06/2022 - In the Wolf Pack

There is a multiverse, and it's full of versions of you. You exist in many different universes at the same time, and sometimes you meet yourself. This happens when two versions of you are close enough in space and time that they become confused for each other. We call this phenomenon the "doppelganger effect."

The doppelganger effect is one of several versions of the multiverse, and it's a very common version: every single person who ever lived in our universe at any time has an identical twin. You can't remember your doppelganger because you don't know him. Your doppelganger is you, and you are him. There's a very detailed mathematical argument for this, it's called the "many worlds interpretation. It's a very interesting theory.

It is also empirically falsified. The idea that there is a single universe that exists at all times, and we are living in it now, is falsified by the doppelganger effect. We can't remember our doppelgangers because they exist right next door to us every day. Italian physicist and philosopher Ferdinando Galiani, who lived from 1736 to 1787, was one of the first modern physicists to think about this problem. He said that if there is a doppelganger effect, then we must be living in two universes at once. So, there are various ways in which we can experience time in an illusory way. One of the most common is that when we make a decision, we remember it as having happened at a later time. But actually, it was made at an earlier time. In his book

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