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Wolf Pack

Our Wolf Pack is a community of individuals that prides itself in offering group hypnosis and mastermind courses. These courses are designed to relieve stress, anxiety and burnout, promote self confidence, and teach you to build your intimate relationships with yourself and others. In our community, we're united in the realization of mutual growth as our best self.


You'll be able to hang out with a group of people in a location where you can all develop one another into the strongest version of yourself. Joining this monthly subscription has no ties ins and you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are further benefits of joining our wolf pack too - you'll be provided a discounts to the store, the courses and in having 1 to 1 sessions.


The Wolf Pack Doors only open a few times a year, as I spend my time providing a quality service for them, however it's not too late to join the VIP Waiting List. Click below to make sure

you don't miss out!

Doors open 15TH - 18TH September 2022

Join the wait list here if sign up is closed



Just imagine...

  • You have had the opportunity to work in a group with Ian Cue to understand your mindset at a deeper level.

  • You have looked deep into some of your issues and have a strategy in place to solve​ them

  • You feel so much more energised and others can see this too​

  • You feel as though the efforts you are making to change are paying off

  • With help from Ian, you have been able to start making improvements and changes

  • You have prioritised yourself and had some YOU time without feeling guilty

  • You're able to think more logically and switch off

  • You feel confident and resilient when looking in the mirror

  • You have built your mindset and feel less stressed or anxious

If this sounds appealing, click the Join now link above now and join us!

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What's included?

The Membership provides it's hypnosis sessions and mastermind courses to help it's members regulate their nervous system to improve their mental health. To improve their self worth so they can feel more confident in their self, and to assist in creating healthy relationships with themselves and others.

  • Access to the membership site to create your profile

  • Weekly live (group) hypnosis sessions - which aim to improve a whole variety of mindset areas

  • Be part of the Mindset Masterclasses which will be run as a group to help you grow your mindset by eliminating various issues, or improve your mental wellbeing in some ways

  • Learn techniques which the gurus use to create instant change to the way you think and feel 

  • Receive up to 25% off specific specialised Wolf Mindset Courses including Live Events and on 1to1's with Ian Cue

  • Meet like-minded men and women in a safe and comfortable environment and become part of THE PACK

  • All this for around £1 a day!!