gaining the wolf mindset.

I have had a love of wolves for a long period of time. Wolves work in packs as a team, and this resonates with me when I think of the best teams. Not only is the way that wolves work in a team inspiring - the strongest helping those in need - but also the way they teach their pups to learn to fight alone. This way, they grow up strong. I feel as though this is forgotten art in our culture. Although it's nice to have support, the fight itself is up to the individual. The day to day regulating of the stress and anxieties of the world is the responsibility of the person experiencing them.

Why join Wolf Mindset? You will join a community, a safe place where you can be yourself and let go of the strains and pressures of today's world. Despite this, we have certain conditions in place:

  • No prejudice of any sort, at any time. It will not be tolerated.

  • Respect opinions, they may not be the same as yours and you may not agree - just understand each have their own.

  • Different wolves will be at different places in their growth with their mindset. We will all work to help one another grow and not put each other down. The strongest will lead from the back.

  • All job positions, ranks, unhealthy ego can be left at the door before entry. Whether you are a janitor, a chef, a pilot, a director, a PT, or a dentist - here you are a part of the pack.

  • Lastly, this is a place to grow. We want you to be yourself, however if you are disruptive, aggressive, or disrespectful the team hold the rights to remove you from the group without a refund.

  • No selling or advertising. Please support each other. Request of support is okay, but offering services without first receiving a request is not.